Thursday, January 19, 2012

Below Zero

I finally took some 'real' pictures of myself, in my house!  Ever since I started my blog I've felt  kind of 'intimidated' by all of those fabulous blogs out there.  I mean, these ladies have great photographic skills and of course, better equipment/cameras!  I figured I wouldn't get any better at taking pictures if I didn't actually gave it a try.   So, here they are.  I hope you like them, or at least just tolerate them?  Please?  he, he, he!!!

It all started this morning, when I woke up to this...and btw, that IS a negative sign next to the 16!!!

Oh, the joys of living in Minnesota!

Since I didn't have any urgent business outside of my home today, I decided to just hybernate, like a bear.  So, after I sent my kids to school looking like little esquimos, I took some pictures...  Remember those red jeans???

pants: Old Navy, shirt: Loft, vest: Marshalls

Since I love to 'cyber peek' into other people's houses, I thought you'd like to peek into mine.  Yes.  That's my kitchen and that's me, doing the morning dishes all dressed up.

Clogs: Urban Outfitters (super old), Scarf: Forever 21 (I think!)

bracelets: Forever 21

necklace/charm: Tiffany & Co.

I liked the red jeans.  I think they could work.  But, the reality is that I couldn't even think of wearing this outfit on such a cold day.  So I just had to 'Minnesotafy' it... This is how it turned out.

coat: Michael Kors, snow boots: Sporto, mittens: handmade, scarf: thrifted

I love these boots!!! 
Hopefully it'll get warmer by tomorrow!