Sunday, December 25, 2011

3 Pretty Things...

One pretty tree skirt...for my tree...
One pretty DIY shirt...for my little girl...
One pretty and organized mud room...for my sanity...

Merry Christmas!!!

I love Christmas morning!!!
I love those smiles!!!...
 I got a new handbag and matching wallet! Thanks Santa!!!
...Merry Christmas everybody...!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Work it Wednesday

Untitled #11

I know I posted about ankle boots a few weeks ago, but...I just got THESE boots this weekend!...I'm starting to buy things with a 'different' mentality...  In order for me to buy something, I have to think of at least three different ways I could style the piece...Words of wisdom from Kendi...  So, here are three more ways to style these!

We hosted a dinner party on Saturday night...this is how I styled my new boots...pearls and everything...I LOVE pearls, I love my new boots!!!

Sweater: Loft, Tank Top: H&M, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Banana Republic, Boots: JCPenney

Work it Wednesday!!!  Check out Good Life for Less!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cooking in Heels...

Last Saturday night we went to a Surprise Birthday-Dinner Party.  A friend surprised her husband with an Interactive Cooking Class for them and 6 other couples.  She hired a private Italian Chef who taught us how to make from fresh pasta to Tiramisu cake.  It was a great night, plus I was so happy to 'cook' while wearing my new glittery about multi-tasking...he,he!!!

Top: Old Navy, Skinny Jeans: Banana Republic
 Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work it Wednesday: Ankle Booties...

Ankle Booties...

I soooooo want a pair of ankle booties!!!  As a matter of fact, it's on my tomorrow's to-do list...I'm serious!  I wrote 'buy ankle booties' and it's right under 'volunteering at my daughter's classroom'...that way I don't feel as guilty of buying yet another pair of shoes...

I hope I find them so I can wear them on Saturday night!  We have a dinner party and I'm thinking they will look cute paired with my new faux fur vest and skinny jeans.  I will post a picture this time!  I promise!

Make sure you check out Good Life for Less to see what others ladies have styled this week!

My Christmas Wish List...

My Christmas Wish List

Here are some of the things that could make me really happy on Christmas morning!!!  Obviously I don't NEED any of them...but...I can always buy the things I need a new rice cooker or a new set of sheets for my bed...those are things I NEED!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello Lover!!!

It's here!!!!  My package!!!  I feel such a rush whenever I get a package in the mail!  There's something about that little (or big) brown box on my front door!  This was totally an impulse/last minute buy...I would call it a 'Cyber Monday Treat'!

I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft!  The quality of the clothes is amazing, plus it's a great place to shop for both basic and trendy pieces.  I never pay full price!  I always shop the sales racks, which are always great!  For Cyber Monday, was offering a 50 % off discount on everything in the store.

I have been wanting a pair of really sparkly/glittery shoes to wear during the Holidays.  (This year is looking good!  We've been invited to around 5 parties/events already!).  I've seen this type of shoe everywhere, but always think they either look cheap, uncomfortable or too high, plus the glitter...the glitter!!!!  It's everywhere!!!...So...when I saw these babies at I had to have them!  I figured they HAD to be of better quality than any of those other cheap versions.  And here they are!!!  They're sparkly, glittery (a good-stay-on-glittery), comfortable and they look elegant and expensive...for $40.00, they had me at hello...

I plan to wear these with everything, from skinny jeans to my New Year's Eve dress...but that's another post!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally! Our Casa is ready for Christmas!

This week I have been busy 'dressing' my house for the Holidays.  I usually like to have my house decorated by Thanksgiving weekend.  But this year, since we traveled for Turkey Day, I was running a little bit late...  Being a little OCD myself, I couldn't take it anymore!  Now that my home is 'Overdressed' for Christmas, maybe I can start breathing and eating normally again...maybe I can even start dressing myself properly...! (I have been wearing pj bottoms ever since we got back from our trip!)  Yes, I know, that's not what I would call 'Overdressed'... ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cream Cheese Birthday Cake - Best Cake Ever!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my good friend Tina's 40th birthday!  It was a total surprise for her, she didn't have a clue... especially since her birthday was back in July!!!...  We never got to celebrate it with her during the summer so our friend Ana, planned a nice evening at her house and we told Tina it was a housewarming party. It really kind of was too, since Ana just moved to a beautiful new house at the lake.

It's been a while since I baked a cake, a 'real' cake, I mean!  But this cake is my all time favorite.  It's rich and dense and tastes like the cakes your grandmother made when you were a child.  It's totally a splurge in terms of calories, so don't even think about counting them!  To top it, I used a regular butter cream frosting.

In terms of decoration, I used a technique I learned from one of my favorite baking blogs, I am Baker.  These roses were really easy to make and they made the cake look, classy and expensive.  I didn't use a real color for my frosting this time.  I wanted an elegant, clean look.  So I just 'tinted' my really white frosting with Wilton's Color Icing Brown.  The brown made the white turn a very pretty shade of off-white or bone color.  I was really happy with the results!!!...and my friend Tina loved it!!!  Mission accomplished!!!

Cream Cheese Birthday Cake
(Makes a 12" cake)

2    (8 oz.) cream cheese packages
4    unsalted butter sticks
4    cups  self rising flour
4    cups granulated sugar
12  medium eggs
1    tsp. vanilla extract

1.  Mix cheese, butter and sugar until creamy and fluffy.
2.  Add vanilla extract.
3.  Add half of the eggs (6) and half of the flour (2 cups).
4.  Continue mixing until well incorporated.
4.  Add remaining eggs and flour.
5.  Spread the batter into a prepared (well greased) 12" pan, tap lightly against the counter to remove   air bubbles.
6.  Bake at 350 F for 50 minutes or until golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Happy birthday Tina!!!