Monday, January 2, 2012

Zero Resolutions for 2012...

Happy new year!!!  Oh the possibilities!!!  I would like to start the year by NOT making any resolutions...  Personally, I don't ever follow or accomplish resolutions.  So, this year, I've decided to just welcome 2012 with faith, hope and a positive attitude.  I figure that by starting the year this way, maybe I'll be able to achieve the list of things I'd like to do this year, for a change!...I'll just have to wait and see if it works! 

For this year, I hope:

1. To NOT loose weight
One of my all time resolution favorites: To loose weight!  It just seems so old...all the workout and diet commercials!  I'm already tired of listening Jennifer Hudson sing how 'It works...'  Weight has always been an issue for me.  It took me 37 years to finally realize and understand that I'm not fat...I'm just not a skinny person, and there's nothing wrong with that!  This year, I'd like to just embrace my figure and enjoy all the other things life has to offer...

2.  To continue having a weekly meal plan.
This has helped me sooo much!!!  The weeks that I don't have a meal plan are always a nightmare to me!  I just make a menu for the week, usually on Sundays, and then shop at the supermarket on Mondays.  It saves me time, money and headaches! 

3.  To blog more.
I've had a terrible case of arm tendonitis for the last couple of months, both arms.  It started with a tennis class and ended with a boxing class...ouch!  I'm talking about a 'twice-a- week-1 hr. and 15 mins.-therapy-sessions-including-deep-tissue-massage-each-time-tendonitis!!!  Yes.  The bad kind.  This has really affected the way I do everything.  Just happened that I started this blog in the about bad timing!  Typing is not on the list of exercises I'm supposed to do on a daily basis...

4.  To do Kendi's 30 for 30 remix.
I know it'll be a challenge for me...but that's the idea, right?  To start using the clothes you own instead of buying more... I figure it can't hurt...if anything I could end up saving a little money...I'm actually excited to start the challenge.  I need to get organized first!

5.  To give Yoga another try.
I know it's good for me, I know I need it, I know it'll help me in lots of ways...if only it didn't bore me so much!!!

6.  To buy quality instead of quantity.
I have to stop buying trendy clothes!  I need to start buying fewer pieces of better quality, that's what I need to do!

I wish you all a very happy new year with or without resolutions!