Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Packing for Puerto Rico...

Packing for Puerto Rico...
Ever since I moved from Puerto Rico (almost 4 yrs. ago) I always have the hardest time packing to go back to visit family and friends.  It's like all of a sudden I forget about all the clothes I own or how people dress living on an Island where it's summer all year long. It shouldn't be this difficult!...Duh!  Especially since I lived there 34 yrs. of my life!  The thing is that Puerto Rican women are the trendiest most fashion forward women I've ever known.  They dress up even if it's just to go to Walgreens...  So that means, I feel the need to look my best everyday while I'm visiting.

Needless to say, I always come back home with the 'latest' fashion trends from PR...and trust me, they don't always work here where I live...  The only thing PR and MN have in common is the months of June, July and August!  Anyways, here's an idea of what my suitcase looks like every time I travel to the island.  I always pick a neutral color, in these case black, add another color such as pink and work my way around it.  Bringing jeans, shorts and dresses with me, always make it easier to remix a few tops.  It also helps to bring just a few pieces of the same color jewelry, in this case gold.  And of course, you need a bathing suit if you're going to PR! 

My trip is only 8 days away!  Trust me, it's much easier to 'write' about my suitcase than to actually work on it!