Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 for 30...Finally!

Ok!  This is it!  I need to do this!  For a while now I've been thinking of doing the 30 for 30 challenge.  My wallet needs a break from me buying stuff!  My closet needs a break from me bringing stuff and pretending to fit it all in!  Plus, I just have to stop buying hangers!  I know this is not a new thing, I've seen a lot of people complete the challenge before, I just think this is the right time for me to do it.

The month of February begins tomorrow and me, being a little ocd about certain things, like to start things 'fresh' and new.  I'm excited and nervous and scared at the same time! 

I will not count accessories, workout clothes and/or coats in my 30 items.  BTW, I've decided to count 35 items instead of 30!  Also, I will not count outerwear!  I mean, I live in MN and the weather here is CRAZY!  Maybe you'd think I'm not following the 'rules', but I think the main idea behind the challenge is to get a better sense of your closet, it is not a race or competition to get to the finish line.  It really wouldn't make a difference if I chose 20 or 45 items of my own closet.  By doing the challenge I figured I'm going to have more time to do the things I really have to clean my house, cook dinner and organize my closets!

P.S.  I will not promise to write a post for each outfit, after all, there are and will be days when I don't even change my pj's and/or workout clothes...    

Spring is approaching fast and I really need to be careful when choosing my pieces. I need to incorporate more color to my winter wardrobe so that there's enough 'transition' pieces (winter/spring) for me to choose from.

Buttom down shirts:
chambray, Forever 21
white tunic, Express
striped, Old Navy
gingham, Old Navy
sleeveless, Old Navy

animal print, New York & Co.
red, Loft 

Knit tops (all from Loft):
black turtle neck
striped t-shirt
black t-shirt

Dress:  Elle, Kohl's

white sweater, Loft
green sweater, Costco (score!)
polka dot sweater, Old Navy
nude and black sweaters:  both from Heartbreaker
black cardigan, Old Navy
striped cardigan, Old Navy
yellow cardigan, Old Navy

Vest:  Marshall's

blue skinny jeans, Old Navy
cobalt jeggings, JCPenney
boyfriend jeans, Loft
red jeggings, Old Navy
green skinny cargo, Loft
wide leg trouser jeans, Old Navy
black skinny jeans, Banana Republic
Candie's black short pocket skirt, Kohl's

brown tall Uggs
Candie's brown riding, Kohl's
black riding, JCPenney

Mossimo black wedge, Target
nude suede clog, Urban Outfitters
leopard print flats, Forever 21
Mossimo pink almond shape, Target

35 items for 29 days (leap year!)
Wish me luck!