Monday, January 23, 2012

Where did the Weekend go?

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Me...on the other hand, had a somewhat busy and not-so-much fun one!  As I mentioned last week, we were getting ready for my son's first trip 'alone' (without us, that is).  He has his 5th grade Field Trip, 3 days/2 nights at a conservation center here in MN.  He left this morning... This is a huge milestone for both him, since he really doesn't like to spend the night anywhere else, and for myself as a 'worry-to-much' kind of mom...  I hope we don't get a call in the middle of the night asking us to go pick him up because he can't sleep... Did I mention he's 4 hrs. away from home? 

I really hope I packed everything he needs!!!

That was just a half of my weekend, I spent the other half  taking care of my daughter who got a really bad case of the stomach flu... Yikes! 

Poor baby girl!

So there went my weekend!  Between planning, packing, cleaning/sanitizing, loads of laundry, and not much sleep... I'm so tired!  The kind of tired I felt when my kids where newborns, which to me, has to be the worst kind of 'tired'!...  I look like a hot mess...  I must say, today I don't look or feel 'Happily Overdressed'...  Oh well!  Tomorrow is another day!  A better day, I hope! 

Btw, I already miss my son!