Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From: MSP To: SJU

We just booked a trip to Puerto Rico!  It was kind of last minute since we usually like to go during Spring break.  But this time it's different.  My father in law is not doing well...he's very sick with Cancer.  What a bittersweet trip this will be...

On a lighter note, I've just realized I have already put all our summer clothes away!  We're having a Minnesota fall and in Puerto Rico people have an eternal I guess the Uggs will not be making the trip! 

What to pack?  That is the question!

cold & hot all in the same week!

I've lived here in MN long enough to really have a hard time deciding what to pack whenever I go to PR.  In PR people are so trendy and fashion forward.  Every time I go visit I feel like some version of a 'gringa' meets a 'latina'...ugh!  Then I come back here with all my 'new learned trends' and feel like a tropical disaster!  So!  I've decided just to go with my own style this time, comfy clothes, one color neutral pattern, and try to fit everything into just ONE suitcase!  This will be challenge! 

OMG...I just realized I need to pack a bathing suit!...just when I was starting to feel so comfortable hiding my butt in jeans, sweats and tights!